We are a feminist organization that supports, through research, advocacy and activism, equality of opportunities between women and men, women’s emancipation, the representation of women’s interests as well as their participation in the political life, the reconciliation between the private and professional spheres and, last but not least, putting an end to all forms of violence against women.

We believe in the complementarity of research, activism and advocacy, leading to an intersectional approach that takes into account the diversity of women’s interests and needs and that is able to promote gender equality and feminist values.

Through activism

we aim to make women’s political voices and opinions heard in the public sphere. As part of our activities, we have organized protests, public campaigns and all other sorts of manifestations whose purpose have been to bring to the public eye gender-related issues.

We are a feminist organization that fights for women’s rights and for their voices to be heard and listened to. We seek to put our experiences and expertizes in academia or activism to the cause of fighting against society’s prejudices, discriminations and stereotypes.

FILIA is an organization where volunteers can grow, become autonomous and fully dedicate themselves to the causes they believe in.

Through advocacy activities

we aim promote on a wide scale public policies that properly respond to issues arising from gender inequalities and to sanction inappropriate behaviors, choices and declarations of important public and institutional figures that can negatively affect women’s position or that promotes discriminative attitudes towards a social group.

Our advocacy activities include organizing events and programs that seek to promote gender equality and fight against gender stereotyping and discrimination, both on the level of public policies as well as of society as a whole.

By publicly condemning political decision-makers’ mistreatments or lack of initiative we can create a change in their attitude towards women.

Through research

we aim to improve our understanding of the issues that women have to deal with as well as to increase the overall level of awareness in regards to gender inequalities in Romanian society. Our research takes into account academic feminist principles and research reflexivity. We do not speak in women’s names, but seek to bring into the academic as well as public debate women’s experiences.

It is also important to mention that FILIA was initially created in the 2000’s as a gender studies research center and has since then built a genuine tradition in this respect through the implementing of various research programs and projects.